The Psychedelic


Legal psychedelic-assisted programs in the Netherlands
for meaningful change

Our Psychedelic-assisted programs

Individual programs

An intensive individual program where you will receive one-on-one facilitation for your personal process. Our individual program includes 4 hours of preparatory sessions, a full-day dosing session (with a high dose of psilocybin-containing truffles), as well as 3 hours of integration therapy to support you integrating insights into your daily life.


We are planning several group retreats in the coming year. Our group programs are held in different beautiful locations in the Dutch countryside. We use a range of modalities including breathwork, schema therapy, and somatic work to help you prepare for and integrate the psychedelic experience. Our group size is always small (max. 12) so that there’s enough space and attention for your process.
Integration session

Psychedelic Integration

Integration is a key part of your journey. Whether you had a psychedelic deep dive through our program, and you feel you need some additional integration sessions. Or you have been to another retreat and feel you need some additional support with integrating aspects of your experience. We offer packages of psychedelic integration sessions to make the most out of your experience.

Safety of our psychedelic-assisted programs

Your emotional, psychological, and physical safety is our priority.

"Finally, it feels like a mystery is solved and I have found a path
to follow. "

A program attendee

Testimonial of our psychedelic-assisted programs