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The psychoactive compound psilocybin can be found in a variety of species of fungi. Mushrooms are the fruiting body of fungi, which grow above ground, while truffles grow underground, as part of the subterranean portion of the fungi. Truffles form into peanut sized clusters in the substrate and contain the same active ingredient, psilocybin, as the mushrooms. On an empty stomach, the effects of psilocybin are typically felt within an hour of ingestion and include a change in perception, mood, consciousness and thought. According to the research, there are a number of potential lasting benefits of psilocybin, including the promotion of creativity, empathy and the release of stored emotions and memories. Additionally, increased activity in the visual cortex, experience of “ego loss”, deep insights, psychedelic imagery and a wide range of feelings can surface from sadness or grief to profound sense of euphoria. Psilocybin is also classified as non-addictive.
Both truffles and mushrooms contain the same psychoactive ingredient, psilocybin. Truffles are sold legally in smart shops across the Netherlands. Smart shops typically sell 10 to 15 gram portions of truffles and the employees give advice on the strengths of the truffles they sell.

On the other hand, according to the Opium Act, magic mushrooms are listed as a hard drug. Since December 2008, psilocybin containing mushrooms have been banned after a number of harmful incidents where tourists irresponsibly consumed mushrooms for recreational purposes. This was also in line with the legal status of other European countries. The truffles remained legal given the more predictable potency per portion, compared to the mushrooms, and the negative connotation of a dangerous substance is mainly associated with the magic mushroom’s image.

Ceremony has been incorporated into the use of psychedelics by many indigenous cultures for centuries. The ceremonial aspect has a sense of community that can inspire deep personal transformation. Social setting and community plays an important role in our retreats, and they should not be considered recreational experiences. The ceremonial space is meant for our clients to gather and remain there throughout the entirety of the dosing session. A ceremony lasts about 6 hours, with a meal served during the final hours, always with access to restrooms and water.
No matter where our participants are on their journeys, we meet and support the needs of each and every participant. We have extensive work experience with both seasoned travellers of the psychedelic realm as well as first timers or even professionals within the psychedelic or mental health industry. Our programs are tailored to the needs of every individual, where preparation goes a long way towards a successful psilocybin journey. The simple act of a short meditation exercise, coupled with breathwork can help tremendously in learning to cope with the psychedelic experience.
Psilocybin containing truffles have exhibited low risk in clinical studies and are well tolerated by most people. Psilocybin is a natural substance and is classified as non-addictive. That said, physical side effects may include headaches, disorientation or heaviness, nausea and stomach discomfort. Psychological risks may involve overwhelming stress, often referred to as a “bad trip”, which can lead people to believing they should evacuate the site, to abandon the discomforting situation. Our job is to minimize these risks by eliminating variables and providing a safe container that allows participants to fully surrender to whatever comes up during their journey.

Leaving the ceremony space is not permitted under any circumstances unless the facilitator agrees it is the right time to do so. It is advised to do your own research and consult with a medical professional to determine if using psilocybin is right for you.

Absolutely. You are encouraged to reach out to us when you feel you are ready to take the first step. You can click here to sign up for a complimentary exploration call to get in touch with our team.

All applications start with a free exploration call, which you can book by clicking here.
During this call, if you’d like to move forward with your application, we can set you up for an official screening. Questionnaires need to be filled in prior to the screening. This one hour screening is meant for us to identify any physical or psychological conditions and/or contraindications that could potentially prevent you from safely engaging with psilocybin. Once the team has reviewed your application, you will be notified of eligibility typically within 3-5 business days. If there are no contraindications and both the team and yourself feel the program is a good fit, you can start preparing for your journey!

Specific psychiatric and/or physical conditions, medications or other conditions may preclude your safe participation in our programs. The full list of safety considerations can be viewed here. Furthermore, the screening does not serve as a medical or therapeutic diagnosis and we are in no position to make medical recommendations given your situation. We do not make any medical or therapeutic claims about our retreats or programs.

All applications begin with a free of charge exploration call, which you can book by clicking here. From there, you can book a screening if this feels like the right fit for you. If eligible, we can begin the planning phase to confirm your program.

During the preparation sessions you have time to discuss your intention for the psychedelic experience, talk about your personal history and work with powerful tools that help you to inquire deeper into underlying questions. In addition, we will guide you through all of the necessary steps for your dosing day including safety agreements, grounding exercises, as well as how to safely navigate a psychedelic session.
For our individual programs airfare and transportation to the accommodation is not included. We will provide information on transportation and how to get to our location. Our program participants are encouraged to arrange their travels by allocating time in advance to plan their approach.

For our group retreats we will provide round-trip transportation from and to the nearest international airport on program arrival and departure days.

Our team consists of professional psychedelic facilitators who serve as your guides throughout your journey. During an individual dosing session, there are two facilitators present throughout your dosing day. One of which is your primary point of contact, and a secondary one for support in the background. This is as much of a safety protocol for yourself as well as for our own team. In a group setting, we offer support with a minimum of 1:3 ratio of facilitator-to-guest during the ceremony. Meaning that each facilitator takes care of a maximum of three participants at once.

The integration is a crucial component of how we support you on your journey, with integration sessions taking place the day following the ceremony, along with a follow-up session planned after you return back to your every day environment. Opportunities for 1:1 support during group retreats are provided as needed and additionally, our operations staff and retreat site staff are available on-site 24/7.

Your safety and emotional wellbeing is our top priority. Regarding your physical safety, we pay special attention to thorough preparation, which we find is the best way to mitigate risks and ease you into the psychedelic journey. Furthermore, our location, or the setting, is secure and secluded, promoting a feeling of safety and comfort from the moment of arrival. Lastly, the truffles we work with are sourced from a reliable supplier within the Netherlands, after investigating thoroughly which strain and supplier is most appropriate to achieve the therapeutic value of our services.

We provide you with psychological support throughout your journey, before and after, where education, intention setting and deep integration is key. It also goes without saying that our screening process, which we take seriously, is a strong contributor to the safety standards we strive to uphold.
Antidepressant medications, or SSRI/SNRIs, are commonly prescribed serotonin based medications that can aid in the alleviation of symptoms of depression and/or anxiety. Examples include lexapro, prozac, effexor, zoloft, trintellix, buspirone and cymbalta, amongst others. For those that rely on such medication, we require participants to refrain from taking antidepressants for a minimum of 2 months prior to the start of their program. This should be done in accordance with the physician who prescribed the medication.

Much like psilocybin, SSRI and SNRI medications affect the same serotonin 5HT2A receptor in our brain. When taken together, it is unpredictable to determine what the effects psilocybin will have on a person, while most of the time a lesser effect of the psilocybin is reportedly perceived. With that being said, we do not wish it upon anyone to commit to the financial decision of signing up for our programs, if there is a high chance of the results being disappointing due to the suppressing effects of other medications.