We offer psychedelic-assisted programs for individuals and groups to support people making meaningful change in their lives.

Individual Psychedelic-assisted program

Our psychedelic-assisted program includes:

  • one hour online screening 
  • one hour preparation session online
  • a three-day live retreat in Amsterdam (incl. 3 hours of preparation, one ceremony with a high dose of psilocybin-containing truffles and 2 hours of psychedelic integration 
  • one hour online integration session a few weeks to end the program


-60 minutes-

You start with a discovery call with our care coordinator. He will answer your first questions so you can determine if the program is a good fit. Additionally, you will receive an intake questionnaire for assessing your medical and psychological history.

After that you’ll be scheduled for a screening call with a facilitator. This is an intake to determine if you’re eligible for the program. If there are no contraindications and we both feel the program is a good fit, you can start preparing for your journey!


-240 minutes-

During the preparation sessions you have time to discuss your intention for the psychedelic experience, talk about your personal history and work with powerful tools that help you to inquire deeper into underlying questions.

In addition, you will go over all the practical steps for your dosing day including safety agreements, grounding exercises, as well as how to safely navigate a psychedelic session.


-540 minutes-

On your second day in Amsterdam, you will start your psychedelic journey. This entails a high dose of psilocybin-containing truffles. The journey takes about 5-6 hours, during which the facilitator will stay with you at all times. After the session there’s enough time for you to land and to eat a light meal together with the facilitator. After both the facilitator and you feel you are grounded enough, the facilitator closes the session. This takes place in a peaceful location just outside the center of Amsterdam.


-180 minutes-

To get the most out of the experience, it’s important to take all the insights from the journey and incorporate them into your everyday life. This way you get to embody all that you have learned during your psychedelic journey and make meaningful change in your life. To support you on this path we include 3 hours of integration in our Truffle Program. We also offer additional psychedelic integration sessions if you need more. 

For a detailed overview on costs, please visit our pricing page.


Psychedelic-assisted work in Groups

We are planning several group retreats in the coming year. Our group size is always small (max. 12) so that there’s enough space and attention for your process. Our group retreats are 3 or 5 days long and contain 1 or 2 psilocybin journeys.

If you are interested in joining one of our groups, please contact Thor, our care coordinator: thor@thepsychedeliccollective.com 


Before you sign up, there will be an individual online screening session. This allows both parties to see if the program is a good fit and if there are no contraindications.

Before the retreat, you will receive a preparation workbook that will support you in the process of setting an intention, psychological preparation, as well as practical information to optimize your experience (e.g., dietary requirements, and preparation practices). In addition, you will meet together with your group (virtually) prior to your retreat. This will be an opportunity to get to know all members of the group and our team of facilitators.


At the start of the retreat, we will deepen the preparation both individually and within the group. This takes place through sharing stories, breathwork, and experiential/somatic work. This enables people to get to know each other, build mutual trust and openness, as well as learning from each other’s processes.

Depending on the length of the retreat, we will hold one or two high-dose psilocybin ceremonies, followed by sharing circles and integration work with the group.

The retreat will be held in a beautiful accommodation in the Dutch countryside for the full length of the retreat’.


The day after the ceremony, we will hold a sharing circle with the group and start the integration process. We will provide you with the right tools and integration practices to get the most out of your journey, including an integration workbook.

Integrating your experience can be challenging as you return back to your everyday life. In order to support you in this process of making meaningful and sustainable change, we provide follow-up integration in the weeks after the retreat. This will include one online integration session with the group and one individual session with your facilitator.

Psychedelic Integration

Integration is a very important part of your journey. Whether you had a psychedelic deep dive through our program, and you feel you need some additional integration sessions, or you have been to another retreat and feel you need some additional support with integrating all aspects of your experience, we offer packages of psychedelic integration sessions to make the most out of your experience.

Our integration sessions can be done online or live in our office in Amsterdam.

Our rates:

  • 1 hour – 100 euro (exempt from VAT)
  • 4 hours – 400 euro (exempt from VAT)
  • 10 hours – 1000 euro (exempt from VAT)

Integration includes:

  • Thoughtfully make changes based on new insights and perspectives 
  • Making sense of confusing experiences
  • Address lingering distress or symptoms
  • Resolve conflict between psychedelic experience and one’s prior belief systems
  • Coping with fading of experience and returning to older habits and behaviours
  • Addressing psychological content that emerges, such as trauma
  • Adjusting back to regular life
  • Building and increasing connections and social support
  • Increase engagement with non-rational domains such as creativity, movement, art, dancing, nature, etc.