Our team

Our team

The Psychedelic Collective consists of four multidisciplinary members, Macha, Mona, Drew and Thor, each contributing with our unique set of skills to the team. Working together as a team since 2021, we have collectively facilitated the transformational experiences of well over two hundred clients from all corners of the world. This has allowed the team to grow together through weekly intervision meetings, with client safety, eligibility, ethics and the ongoing progress of clients being the most important topics of discussion.

In the past year, our team has undergone a transformation of its own, as we’ve had to depart from our former workplace, Field Trip Health, at the end of 2022. This sparked a fire within us to strive forward with our work independently and continue to serve our communities. Consolidated by our mutual belief in the power of the inner healing intelligence, we use psychedelics as a catalyst to tap into this wisdom we all possess. We are based in the Amsterdam area and we offer our services in Dutch, English, and German.

macha godes

Macha's fascination for psychedelics began with her first encounter with the psilocybin mushroom, fifteen years ago. She knew that she touched upon something inspiring that would teach her a great deal about consciousness and inner work. After and during her study of clinical neuropsychology, she dove into research, resulting in a paper on the clinical effects of MDMA-assisted therapy in individuals suffering from PTSD. As a clinical practitioner, she has a background in mindfulness and meditation, ACT, CBT, schema therapy, psychedelic harm reduction and guiding psychedelic sessions. Working with psychedelics from different angles enables her to show up with enthusiasm, curiosity, compassion, realism and integrity. Currently, she is finishing a 1-year IPI course on pychedelic-assisted therapy.

Mona IrRmischer

Mona is a Neuropsychologist and received a PhD researching the effects of meditation on the brain at the Vrije University of Amsterdam. She has completed a 4-year integrative body-oriented therapy education and a 1-year psychedelic-assisted therapy education. Additionally she works as a breathwork and mindfulness trainer with an emphasis on regaining the connection between body and mind. In her work she draws from years of personal and professional experience in the awareness, somatic and psychedelic space. She brings a warm and non-judgmental approach to her work.

Drew Puxty

Drew is a native English-speaking, licensed Psychologist who has experience working with individuals from the international community to provide psychological support for a wide range of clinical disorders (e.g., depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction). In addition, his passion for the use of psychedelics for personal growth and transformation have led to contributions within the field of psychedelic research, as well being a graduate ‘psychedelic-assisted therapy provider ’(Integrative Psychiatry Institute). Drew stays disciplined and cultivates his mind-body connection through the practice of boxing. Overall, Drew brings an empathic, collaborative, non-judgemental approach to his work, as well as being highly committed to supporting clients overcome challenges and begin to heal.

Thor Kristjansson

Thor was born and raised in Reykjavík, Iceland, but completed most of his education abroad along with extensive travel through South-America in his youth. As a Hotelschool the Hague hospitality-business graduate, Thor takes his experience and passion for the service industry and applies it within the realm of psychedelic medicine. For Thor, there is not a single avenue within hospitality as profoundly transformative, personal and giving as facilitating and holding space for others. Through his studies, Thor came to recognise the importance of the fine details that make up the bigger picture, which he takes great pleasure in applying through his work. He speaks four languages, Icelandic, English, Spanish and Italian and nurtures his creative side through photography and music.

"The team ensured a perfect setting for my life changing journey, safe landing and integration. I'm deeply grateful for their expertise guidance and support."

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