Your safety is
our priority

Surrendering to the psychedelic journey in a safe space with experienced people is key. Whether you are in a group retreat or in working one-on-one with your facilitator, you don’t want to worry about getting the right support when you need it most.

Experienced facilitators

Our multidisciplinary team of consists of psychologists, doctoral researchers, somatic therapists, and breathwork facilitators with a wealth of professional and personal experience with psychedelics. We combine our experience working in traditional mental healthcare, with the wisdom of psychedelics to offer safe, individualized programs.


All sessions take place in the Netherlands, where it is legal to work with psilocybin-containing truffles. The personal and group retreats are held in places where there’s total privacy.

& Setting

Set refers to the general state of mind coming into a psychedelic experience. Our team of trained professionals will support this process, beginning during a screening conversation, to ensure you are prepared to surrender to your experience with warmth, trust, and confidence.

We place a great emphasis on providing a safe and supportive setting to experience psilocybin-containing truffles. All our facilitators are trained to support challenging psychedelic experience and 1:1 guidance and support is present throughout the duration of the program.


A screening phase will take place to ensure your physical and psychological safety upon admission to our program. A thorough medical/psychological assessment form will be sent to you to assess for any possible contra-indications. This is followed by a psychological intake where the suitability of the program is evaluated together with a member of our multidisciplinary team.

Of note, psilocybin can lead to undesirable drug-drug interactions, or other physical complications so we may not be able to approve applications in such cases. 

Read more about our screening criteria


In our individual programs, you will have 17 hours of individual time with your facilitator. 

In groups there will be a minimum of one facilitator for every 3 participants to focus on your wellbeing during the ceremonies. And in the groups people also have personal contact with our facilitators before, during and after the retreat.



For the past 2 years, we have already been working with a well-established protocol that ensures we can optimize safety within our programs. This includes a thorough risk assessment, emergency procedures, and safety measures taken to minimize risks for our clients and ourselves.

Our team contains accredited psychedelic-assisted therapy providers who ensure the latest developments within the field are incorporated into our individual and group programs.